My Purpose

To give others the courage to clearly understand their unconditional worth, so that they can let go and confidently choose to create the best version of themselves.

My Vision

A time when everyone feels free to authentically and honestly express themselves, has come to a place of complete acceptance, and feels a true sense of belonging.

My Values

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My Mission

To respectfully and compassionately remind others of the divine nature of their being and of the world around them.

To loyally cultivate a safe environment for individuals to be acknowledged, validated, and unconditionally supported.

To lead a balanced, harmonious and healthy way of life.

Client Testimonials


"I have spent the last few months being coached by Michael and it has been nothing short of life-changing.

He has introduced me to concepts, knowledge, practices and wisdom that I didn’t even know existed but that have already had a profound impact on me.

These things have now become the foundation of creating a better life for myself, my loved ones and the rest of the world.

Not only is Michael extremely knowledgeable in every single area that he teaches, more importantly, he is caring, compassionate, patient, understanding, honest, loving and will always go that extra mile for you."

Daniel R

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"Michael Essery has been a mentor of mine for just under 2 years. In that time he's been a key figure in my business, personal and spiritual development.

When I first met Michael I felt an immediate feeling of trust and that gut instinct has proven to be spot on.
In all of my dealings with him I'm always blown away by his generosity, empathy, patience and knowledge to give me clarity and rebalance wherever and whenever I need it.
I feel extremely lucky to have crossed paths with Michael and can't thank him enough for the guidance and support he's shown me and my family.

Damian R

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"Knowing Michael, is like a breath of fresh air. His authenticity and genuine desire to help comes across in all his communication - be it in a fleeting advert on YouTube or a deep conversation during a coaching session.

I am a witness that he lives his purpose. He has helped me believe in my unconditional worth, and has nurtured in me the courage to allow, without judgement, my best self to emerge.“

Angelina D

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"Michael is a great listener who is hugely passionate about helping others succeed in all facets of life.

While going through some of my most challenging times he listened to my concerns, and when asked provided feedback that really helped me get through my challenges.

I know I can rely on him to be a trusting and truthful coach/friend.

Hamuera M