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Hi, I’m Michael Essery, and I can help you pinpoint your unique PURPOSE in life so that you feel more aligned and fulfilled.

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"The Transformational Power Of PURPOSE"

Client Testimonials


"Not only is Michael extremely knowledgeable in every single area that he teaches, more importantly, he is caring, compassionate, patient, understanding, honest, loving and will always go that extra mile for you."

Daniel R

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"Knowing Michael, is like a breath of fresh air. His authenticity and genuine desire to help comes across in all his communication. He has helped me believe in my unconditional worth, and has nurtured in me the courage to allow, without judgement, my best self to emerge.“

Dr. Angelina D

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"In all of my dealings with Michael, I'm always blown away by his generosity, empathy, patience and knowledge to give me clarity and rebalance wherever and whenever I need it."

Damian R

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"Michael is a great listener who is hugely passionate about helping others succeed in all facets of life. I know I can rely on him to be a trusting and truthful coach/friend.

Hamuera M

More About Me

I had what many would consider an unorthodox upbringing as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and this introduction to life was the catalyst for my pursuit of freedom and purpose...

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FREE Video Course:

"The Transformational Power Of PURPOSE"