The Transformational Power Of PURPOSE

As an accredited "Pinpoint Your Purpose"  Facilitator, I have the honour and privilege of guiding individuals through the process of clearly defining their unique purpose in life.

This is achieved through a tried and tested framework that will ultimately allow you to identify your unique gifts and the impact you are uniquely designed to make.

If you'd like to learn more about this programme, and how you can step into a more fulfilling and aligned way of being, please click the button below to access the free introductory video course:

How To Prepare, Launch & Grow Your Dream Online Business

This free webinar takes the guesswork out of launching your dream online business, giving you the blueprint that can quickly put you on the path to growing your income, without the need for an existing product, service or even idea!

Discover the best business models that are most effective today and look at the numbers behind a six-figure-a-year / one-sale-a-day income stream, which is all about working smarter, not harder...

Living From A Place Of Surrender

In this online course with author and spiritual teacher Michael Singer, you’ll learn about your true relationship to the world unfolding around you and to the thoughts and emotions arising within you.

But most importantly, you will come into touch with the real "you"—the indwelling consciousness that is witnessing it all.

The intention of this course is to change your entire perspective of life. Every session will challenge you to go beyond yourself...

Find The Missing Peace

Find the Missing Peace is a support community for former Jehovah’s Witnesses.

My intention is to help you clearly understand your divine nature, so that you may confidently live in harmony with your OWN truth.

If you are a former member of the organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses, please feel free to click the button below to check out my YouTube channel:

FREE Video Course:

"The Transformational Power Of PURPOSE"